Building on success

Top corner of a rack.

We build clusters so you don’t have to.

Why not benefit from our experience in getting you up and running quickly and cost effectively?

Cutting-edge solutions that work.

Modern HPC clusters often contain the latest, greatest hardware and software technologies. How do you make sure that it all works?

We can provide advice on which components work well together, helping you to build your own customized HPC solution that will work well for your chosen applications. Our experienced presales team will work with you to help design your high-performance compute and storage environments and can provide demonstration environments and benchmarking facilities to assist you in making your decision. Contact us for information on how we can design a solution specifically for your company or institution.

Bringing it all together

Our sophisticated integration services ensure that all components of your HPC environment arrive on your site pre-tested and running at peak efficiency. By testing all equipment before delivery, your business can take advantage of our experience in building cluster environments and minimising integration timescales.

Helping you to choose

Our vendor-neutral solutions allow you to select the hardware you want from the manufacturers you’re comfortable with. Our engineers have experience using a wide variety of different hardware platforms and would be pleased to discuss implementation options with you.

Key HPC technologies

A wealth of experience

Our experienced presales and engineering teams design and construct high-performance environments including the following key technologies and components:

  • High-throughput CPU technologies
  • Large memory servers
  • Remote visualisation technologies
  • GPGPU and special-purpose devices
  • High performance interconnects
    • 10-gigabit ethernet
    • InfiniBand
  • Virtualisation
  • Parallel filesystems
    • Lustre
    • Gluster
    • pNFS
  • High-availability services
  • Scientific software domains
    • Life sciences and biotechnology
    • Computational fluid dynamics
    • Engineering and CAD
    • Fluid and airflow simulation
    • Audio, film and media
    • Financial and high-frequency trading
    • Physics, mathematics and astronomy