We create software that improves how HPC clusters are built, deployed and used. Our software solutions and application repositories are focussed on increasing user productivity and maximising system utilisation.

The applications you need — at your fingertips.

We understand that you have a day job. When your cluster is installed, wouldn’t it be great if your applications were all pre-installed, ready to go?

Alces Gridware provides software repositories prepared and maintained by our in-house developers that contain many of the most popular applications used by scientific communities today.

Stay in control of your system. Increase productivity. Increase utilisation.

Some people like the command-line interface. For the rest of us, Alces Portal provides a web interface allowing you to use your HPC resource from virtually any web-enabled device. Spend less time learning command lines and more time getting your work done.

Our cluster solutions provide the flexibility of both a command-line interface and a graphical user portal. Wouldn’t you like to be in control?

Highly performant storage, made to match your requirements.

Our experienced team can advise and specify the storage solution you need to suit your requirements. With years of integrating, configuring and supporting the open-source Lustre parallel file system, Alces can provide the solution your business needs.

Don’t limit your flexibility - get everything you need with one of our fast, reliable storage solutions.