Support how you want it, when you need it.

Equipped racks.

If things go wrong, you need someone you can call. However, you don’t want to pay for something you don’t need. We offer customizable support agreements to suit your requirements.

Support packages

Software support

Our software support packages include configuration, troubleshooting and maintenance provided via telephone, email and remote access engineer support if permitted at your site. Customers are granted access to the ticket management system, recording all support requests entered for a particular service contract. Our support agreements can include 2-day, next-business day or 4-hour-24/7 response to support tickets for critical issues and named primary engineering contacts for continuity of support requests.

Fully comprehensive

We aim to provide a complete service covering all aspects of your HPC facility, including:

  • Cluster management software
  • Linux operating system
  • Software updates including security and feature enhancements
  • Cluster scheduler software usage, configuration and usage accounting
  • Interconnect usage, maintenance and performance tuning
  • Failover system maintenance and testing
  • Diagnosis of hardware, software, interconnect or storage issues
  • Disaster recovery for installed software
  • Cluster integration, expansion and segmentation advice and planning
  • Annual cluster health-check service

Flexible support options

We provide four base support options which can be used as starting points to build your preferred support package.

Base packages

  • Bronze support; software stack maintenance and updates with a variable number of hardware diagnosis instances
  • Silver support; adds high-availability and parallel filesystem software support and hardware diagnosis support
  • Gold support; adds open-source application support and managed hardware support
  • Platinum support; fully managed service with 24/7 remote monitoring

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