Alces Software has a mission. Our aim is to deliver complete, fully-featured high-performance compute clusters that meet the requirements of a diverse user base.

We simplify

High Performance Computing is complex.

The huge variety of hardware platforms and software distributions available is difficult to navigate with compatibilities changing day by day. Building a large environment requires careful planning and execution to avoid spiraling costs and management headaches later on. It’s no wonder that so many information technology projects overrun both their budget and timetables.

We pride ourselves on being an agile company with experienced contractors capable of augmenting your existing IT staff to deliver complex systems within tight time frames. Based in the UK, we feature competitive rates with discounts for repeat and academic customers.

We innovate

Innovative solutions to complex problems.

Our team of experienced system architects, technical writers and software developers can help you deliver high quality, customized solutions specifically for your target market. From contributing to competitive proposals to implementing and supporting the final solution, our aim is to enhance your business to enable delivery of complex HPC, compute and storage systems.

Our solutions are designed to help you successfully navigate the changing HPC landscape to deliver cost-effective solutions that exceed your expectations.

We develop

HPC for people who just want to compute.

Your system administrator might dedicate several days a week to your email or file server, but when a cluster has many dozens or hundreds of nodes, you need something better than just an operating system. The Alces Flight Direct HPC environment is designed to reduce the total cost of ownership for compute clusters, providing time-saving tools and utilities that increase productivity, reduce downtime and enhance the experience for cluster users.

From a HPC software solution that includes many leading open-source software products, through effort-saving tools, to web-delivered interfaces for administrators and users of your cluster alike, we work to exceed your expectations and are passionate about showing how HPC clusters can be architected to really shine.

We facilitate

Delivering computer systems is a complex task.

We can provide your business with HPC cluster integration services to install Linux based cluster stacks on X86 compatible servers and storage. We have experience installing and deploying a wide range of open-source and commercial software including:

  • Alces Flight Direct HPC environment
  • Lustre and BeeGFS parallel filesystems
  • Slurm, Grid Engine/Open Grid Scheduler, Torque/Maui cluster schedulers
  • Commercial compiler suites
  • Open-source scientific applications

We integrate

Delivering complex systems that work.

We can deliver fully-working, acceptance tested solutions directly to your site from our UK-based staging centre. By remaining vendor-neutral, we can provide advice on the latest and greatest hardware and software products to meet your requirements and budget.

With in-house specialists in both ethernet and InfiniBand network design and deployment, our engineering team has the knowledge to cost-effectively integrate server and storage hardware to deliver optimum results. For high-density environments, we partner with liquid-cooling specialists to provide effective cooling and power distribution for even the most challenging configurations.

We support

When your system is down, everyone needs someone they can contact for advice.

We provide support packages covering HPC cluster and storage systems ranging from online support desk services to fully-managed 24/7 reporting. Our experienced engineers can take the lead in managing software issues as well as diagnosing and reporting on your hardware status.

Commercial code-base support packages are also available in collaboration with our partners for popular application and filesystem technologies. We also provide education services, providing your system administrators and users with the knowledge they need to run their own services and get the most from their HPC investments.